Item No. : XB001

Product Name : Square Cardboard Christmas Gift Boxes

Square Cardboard Christmas Gift Boxes

Material of these Christmas gift boxes : 2mm rigid paper board , one side is white color , one side is grey color . 128 gsm art paper , coated art paper two sides .

Size of the Christmas card box : square Christmas boxes , 18 x 18 cm x 10 cm height . And we can produce the Christmas gift boxes at your sizes, and nested Christmas paper boxes is popular for oversea clents.

Printing design : 4 color printing for the top lid , Christmas stocking design, 4 color Christmas design printing on the cardboard gift boxes.

Structure of the boxes : bottom boxes with top lids , square sizes , square bottom box with top lid , Christmas boxes with lids

Lamination : matt lamination for the outside of the Xmas cardboard boxes.

Packing : 1 piece Christmas cardboard box into a polybag , 12 pieces Christmas gift boxes into a shipping box.



Item No. : XB003

Product Name : Round Cardboard Christmas Design Box

Round Cardboard Christmas Design Box

Material of these Christmas gift boxes : 2mm paper board , 128 gsm art paper

Structure of the boxes : base with lid , bottom boxes with top lids

Shape  : round-shaped gift boxes , round boxes with round lids

Size of these boxes : set of 3

Small Christmas box : dia. 14 cm , height 8 cm

Medium Christmas box : dia. 16 cm , height 9 cm

Large Christmas box : dia. 18 cm , height 10 cm

And our factory can produce these Christmas gift boxes at your sizes.

Printing : 1 color printing for the base , 4 colors printing for the lid . Inside of the box to be white color.

Lamination : matt lamination for outside.

Packing : small box into medium box , then into  large box , 1 set Christmas boxes into a polybag , 6 sets Chrismtas boxes into a shipping carton.


Item No. : BB001

Product Name : Disney Paper Gift Box for Baby

Disney Paper Gift Box for Baby

Material of the baby gift boxes : 2mm rigid paper board , 128 gsm art paper , pink plastic handles , metal button.

Printing of the gift boxes : 4 color printing of the outside of the gift box , disney baby gift box , 4 color disney design printing.

Size of the baby paper box : 24 cm x 8 cm x 16 cm height

There is a heart shaped window on the outside , then you can see the products in the baby disney boxes.

Handles of the boxes : pink transparent plastic handles for the baby keepsake disney boxes.

Inside of the gift boxes : color to be white color , or 1 color printed paper.

This baby gift box is designed by Disney , if you need any similar baby boxes , we can produce them based on your own design or artwork.


Item No. : BB004

Product Name : small baby gift boxes

Baby Gift Boxes

Material of the paper gift box : 1.5 mm rigid paper board covered 128 gsm art paper , fabric buttons.

Printing : we can print any colors or artwork based on your requirements. blue , pink, light yellow printing for the small boxes. Pink color printing for the large boxes , inside of the boxes to be same color as outside.

Structure of these baby boxes : 3 pieces small boxes into the large box , bottom boxes with lids , small baby gift boxes.

Size of the cardboard baby boxes :

small box : 10 x 10 x 5 cm

Large box : 11 x 11 x 32 cm

Packing : 1 set baby gift boxes into a polybag , 12 sets cardboard gift boxes into a shipping carton.


Item No. : RB017

Product Name : Decorative Cardboard Storage Boxes

Cardboard Storage Boxes manufacturer in China ! Custom round and square Cardboard Storage Boxes with lids from Zooly !

Feature of decorative storage boxes

2mm paper board , 128 gsm art paper , red color satin ribbons to decorate the wedding storage boxes, round and square shaped cardboard storage boxes with lids.

Decorative Cardboard Storage Boxes

  • Material : 2 mm rigid cardboard , 128 gsm art paper , red satin ribbons , metal memo holder
  • Size : 30 cm x 16 cm x 16 cm , lid height 3 cm for square shaped storage box .  Dia. 24 cm x height 16 cm , lid height 3 cm for round shaped storage box
  • Structure : box with lid , storage boxes with lids , gift boxes with lids
  • Shape : square-shaped and round shaped paper boxes , cardboard round hat boxes , etc.
  • Printing : 4 color deesign printing for the outside of the storage boxes with lids
  • Lamination : matte lamination
  • Ribbons : red color satin ribbons , 2.5 cm width ribbons to decorative the cardboard storage boxes with lids
  • Packaging : 1 piece decorative cardboard storage box into a polybag , 12 pieces cardboard paper storage boxes into a strong shipping box.


Item No. : RB005

Product Name : Rigid Storage Box with Lid

Material of the box : 2 mm rigid paper board , 128 gsm art paper , brown ribbon with white printing

Square Storage Box with Lid

Size of the storage box : 20 cm x 20 cm x 8 cm , lid height : 3 cm

Ribbons : 1 cm width ribbon in brown color with white color printing and white suture at the edge of the ribbon

Structure of the orange storage box : orange bottom box with orange lid , orange paper box for storage, orange storage box for your baby.

Printing : 2 color printing , orange background color for the storage box , and there is a Chocolate brown color edge on the lid

Lamination : matt lamination

Inside of the box to be white color.

Packing : 1 piece orange storage box into a polybag , 24 pieces orange boxes into a shipping carton.


Item No. : GB005

Product Name : Keepsake Gift Box with Decorative Ribbon

Size : 22 x 22 cm , Lid height : 3 cm , Box height : 8 cm

Printed Keepsake Gift Box

Material : rigid paper board with 128 gsm coated paper , 120 gsm offset paper for inside paper, fine ribbon for ornament to decorate the keepsake boxes.

Keepsake Box Printing : spot golden color printed on the bottom of gift box

Lid printing : text printing in golden color , white side and cover with golden dots

Decorative Keepsake Box

Ribbon Printing : golded " Forever Love " On the white ribbons , we can also print your logo or your words on the ribbons to decorate the paper keepsake boxes.

Inner paper printing : white wood free paper with golden dots

Lamination : matt lamination , the box looks more ethereally

Keepsake Gift Box with Lid

Packing : 1 keepsake box into a polybag , 12 keepsake gift boxes into a carton

You can custom made the keepsake gift boxes for any size , any printing.

MOQ : 3,000 keepsake boxes


Item No. : GB123

Product Name : Cardboard Keepsake Paper Box

Cardboard Keepsake Paper Box

Manufacturer of decorative cardboard keepsake box in China ! Custom made decorative gift boxes, cardboard keepsake boxes from Zooly Box !

Rigid cardboard covered printed art paper , high quality ribbon bow to decorative the keepsake box with lid.

Material : 2 mm rigid paper board , quality cardboard (1,300 gsm ) covered 128 gsm coated paper with design printing and matt lamination , large width satin ribbon to decorate the large keepsake gift box.

Size : large keepsake box, large cardboard boxes in 32 cm x 32 cm x 16 cm , lid height 4 cm

Shape : square shaped boxes, square keepsake boxes with lids, square cardboard keepsake boxes

Structure : box with lid, keepsake boxes with lids, cardboard boxes with lids for keep sake gifts packaging

Printing : design printing for the bottom box , 1 color black printing for the top lid

Lmaination : matt lamination for the base and top

Ribbon : large pink ribbon on the bottom with black satin ribbon on the top ,double ribbons to decorate the large keepsake gift boxes in cardboard

Useful : it is a great gifts packaging boxes, keepsake gift boxes for children or decorative storage boxes for toy

Packing : 1 piece keepsake cardboard box with lid into a large polybag, 8 pieces cardboard gift boxes into a strong carton.


Item No. : GB028

Product Name : Small Decorative Gift Boxes with Lids

Material : 1.5 mm rigid paperboard covered 128 gsm coated paper, 1.5 cm width satin printed ribbon to decorate the small gift boxes

Size : 6 x 6 x 5 cm , lid height 3 cm, very small boxes

Small Rigid Boxes

Structure : box with lid, bottom with top

Printing : 1 color printing for the bottom box, like red or black color , design printing for the lid, dot design, of course, we can print the box based on your artwork

Lamination : matt lamination for the outside

Ribbon : 1.5 cm width satin ribbon with words printing to decorate the small paper boxes

Quantity : our minimum order quantity is 5,000 pcs for the small sizes

Small Decorative Gift Boxes with Lids

Production time : 15~20 days

Packing : 1 pc/polybag , 100 pieces per shipping carton

Custom small decorative gift boxes from Zooly Boxes ! We are a paper box manufacturer in China, our factory can produce the quality paper gift boxes based on your requirements.

Any questions, please contact us.